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The Table
Introducing the Table
The Table is Concord Community Church's new online community. It's a tool for prayer, connection, sharing, and spiritual growth. As it develops, it will increasingly become the place to find other members, small groups, ministries, serving opportunities, growth tools, and more. It's the place to learn about prayer requests and post needs of your own. Plus we'll be adding great local content like videos and podcasts of the weekend message, photos, and discussions. The Table helps us be the church 24/7.

Ten cool things to do
  1. Pray for others on the Prayer page. Send a note and let them know you're praying for them. Or ask for a prayer and let others pray with and for you.
  2. Find folks who live nearby using the Maps feature. Send them a quicknote just to say "hi." Organize a potluck to get to know your Concord Corps neighbors better.
  3. Catch up on a sermon you may have missed by watching the video on the Table.
  4. Set up a Growth Group or Ministry Team page and use it to keep in touch with folks between meetings. Note that all participants in the Table must be members or regular attenders of Concord Community Church.
  5. Read the Bible using the 365 Daily Bible Reading app.
  6. Create a photo album, then upload some of your favorite church pictures to share with others.
  7. Start a conversation, ask questions, or get in on a discussion about the Bible, theology, or weekend message.
  8. Post ministry, service, or job opportunities. Check out what others have posted.
  9. Share your stuff. Click here for some ideas to get you started. (You can ignore the snowmobile/snowblower suggestions, but you just might have a tennis racket or surfboard you'd like to share instead.)
  10. Customize your Table page by adding apps of your choice with the My Page app.

It's not Facebook.
The Table is not a Christian version of Facebook. It's a private social network that's meant to build on and extend the sense of community we already enjoy in our church family. It's about conversation, intimacy, encouragement, sharing, and involvement. It's not meant to replace real-life, personal contact, but to facilitate and enhance it. You don't need to be experienced in social media to sign on to The Table. Check it out and explore how it can help you connect with others. If it's not for you, that's ok. But we do encourage you to take advantage of the other ways there are to connect at Concord Community Church.

The Table app
There's a free Table app you can download. Use it to pray for others, or post your own prayer requests right from your own iPhone or Android. Play the "Name Game" to help you learn and remember names (Tap on a face to reveal the name and swipe across to see more faces). Find volunteer opportunities, sign up to help, map locations, set reminders, and and receive quicknotes— all of it on the go.

Safety and security
  1. Requests to join the Table and Group pages are reviewed by our Table Administrator. Only members and regular attenders who are currently active at Concord may access the Table.
  2. Every Table account is password protected and secured at every level by account-based permission checks. If an account attempting to access a piece of data doesn't have permission to see that data, the request is rejected.
  3. Everyone on the Table has the ability to flag content that may be inappropriate. When this happens the content is automatically removed, no questions asked. It is also forwarded to our Admin Team for review.
If you have any other specific safety or security concerns, please contact the church office.

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