Major's Minute
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This is just a short note to say that our young people, leaders, and assistants have worked really hard - even tonight - and are prepared to represent our corps at the Divisional Encore Competition tomorrow. No matter the outcome, we have all been blessed through this process. Their music ministry has been used to bless others all throughout the year, and we know that their messages will fall on hearts and ears tomorrow that need to hear them.

Next Monday, Gwyn and I will be on a staycation for two weeks while his brother and his wife are here visiting from England. Major James Sullivan and Major Willdonna Rich will be leading the Sunday services in our absence. During that time, I will also not be sending out the Concord Chronicle. I have prepared the printed Sunday bulletins in advance. Hopefully, I have included all the important information on those for now.

For those avid followers of Jim, he will post his weekly article on our website. That is also a good place to get current information.

God bless,

AnnMarguerite Jones