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All this week I ate the healthiest I could - deep green vegetables, a variety of fruits, low carbs, and lean meats - in preparation for my blood draw today. That was medical appointment number #1 this morning. This is hoping that my cholesterol levels will be better than last. (I doubt one week of healthy eating will make a difference for the last few months, but I tried. LOL!)

This afternoon, I went to medical appointment #2. It was a follow-up with my hematologist. Remember I told you that my white blood count has been high for the last 3 readings? My doctor told me that my high reading must be "normal" for me. Well, today, she told me that my white blood count was actually in the normal range. What?! YES! Maybe the combination of prescriptions that I am on is actually doing its thing. Praise the Lord!

These check-ups with my doctors are good for me. I am aware that I need to be caring for myself - conscious of what I am doing, how I am eating, pushing myself to keep physically active, finding time to rest, and making sure I am following the prescribed plan for my healthcare. I'm not always the best at everything, but that's why it is good to be constantly reminded of what I need to do.

That's my physical check-up.

But what am I doing for my spiritual check-up?

I have a devotional reading automatically emailed to me every morning. I read my "daily refresh" verse of the day, watch a short devotional, and log in my praises and prayer concerns with my guided prayer prompts every evening. This is part of the YouVersion (FREE) Bible App. I am also studying and preparing for the weekly bible study that will be starting next week. Plus, I am looking forward to attending my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) Small Group in a couple of weeks' time.

I love how when I am studying God's Word, I am connecting the dots. I am still learning. This may seem like a lot - or not enough. But so far, this works for me - most of the time. Sometimes I change it up.

Your routine may be something different. But no matter what it is, make sure you are intentional about keeping your heart right with the Lord, increasing your knowledge of His Word, and practicing living out your faith boldly for Him.

AnnMarguerite Jones

Friday September 1st, 2023