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This Week's Schedule


9:15 AM - Senior Praise Team Practice - Chapel

10:00 AM - Spiritual Formation Classes

Corps Cadets - Classroom 2 Young Adult Bible Study - Classroom 3 Senior Soldier Class - Corner Classroom 10:15 AM - Prayer Time - Prayer Room 11:00 AM - Worship Service - Chapel 12:15 PM - Food & Fellowship - Fireside Room 12:30 PM - Youth Chorus Rehearsal - Chapel 1:30 PM - Beginning Band Rehearsal - Chapel


5:00 PM - Craft Class - Classroom 2 6:00 PM - Men's Bible Study - Fireside Room 6:00 PM - Kingdom Heroes Bible Study - Classroom 2 & Zoom NOTE: Dinner provided for those in craft class who are staying for Bible Study or rehearsals. 7:00 PM - Songsters - Chapel 8:00 PM - Senior Band Rehearsal - Chapel


10:00 AM - CAMEO: Hobby Share - Fireside Room


11:00 AM - Delegates leaving for Craft Weekend

Bethel Baptist Church's Tea Party

Stand Down on the Delta

CAMEO's "What's Brewing?" Program

Spiritual Formation (Bible Studies)

Sunday's Activities

YouthForce Pool Party

Upcoming Opportunities

Trunk or Treat Plan


I know - I know. Some of us are uncomfortable with the title Trunk or Treat. And some of you are fine with it. The fact is, the world is comfortable with it. I want us - our church community - to be "open" that day to show that we are approachable.

When we were first married, my husband used to turn off our porch lights and house lights. We would close ourselves off to a backroom and watch TV as families walked through the neighborhood.

I didn't feel comfortable with that.

As years have gone by, we have tried different things. We've opened our house to trick-or-treaters and passed out candy and a cartoon gospel message. We decorated our house with a cross or "holy ghosts". At a larger appointment, we were able to organize a thematic Roman Road experience - staff and volunteers were dressed in togas or Centurian costumes - while we had different activities - like games or a prayer station - that introduced our reinforced Bible points leading to a decision for Christ.

We have to plan for our particular setting.

Last year, we stepped out in faith and were surprised that the community came out. We had just enough "trunkers" and games to keep our guests occupied. However, we want to do even better than that this year!

Some of the points our team have planned and proposed are as follows:

We will stage all the activities in the smaller parking lot; keeping the larger parking lot open for guests. This means that we will direct everyone to enter through La Vista Avenue.

We will start our church service earlier that day at 10:30 AM. Members will also park in the larger parking lot as our Salvation Army EDS Canteen will be blocking our regular entryway on Clayton Road.

After the worship service, we would like everyone to stay and help set up for the outreach event. We envision our Youth Praise Team and Senior Band playing/singing within the 2 hours of programming.

People can help man the bounce house and other children's games or activities.

Others can help with the grilling of hot dogs or popping the popcorn and handing out the food. We can have an easy craft set out for children to do. It would be a good opportunity for members to chat with parents about church and other programs.

Host a "trunk" - decorate the bank of your car or a table and pass out candy to visiting families. Consider a theme that can be supported with scripture: for example, a farmer with the fruit of the spirit, Ezekiel and the valley of dry bones that come to life, or a carpenter's trunk. There are endless ideas. If you need help, we can help you.

We would like to do a couple of prize drawings. We will ask guests to give us their names and contact information to be added to the drawing. (This is NOT a raffle! No one will be required to pay to enter!) If you have any connections with a business or vendor that could donate towards the giveaway, please ask on our behalf.

We don't want any gory costumes.

Pray now that we will be able to show the light and love of God! Next year we can turn it into a Harvest Festival, but for now, we are set on this. We need your support.

Please let Major Willdonna know if you would like to host a trunk or volunteer in a specific area mentioned above or use the link below.

Sign up to Volunteer

Women's Ministries Newsletter

Click on the link below for helpful material for Women's Ministries

International Prayer Focus

This initiative of turning our thoughts and prayers towards the same part of the world at some point in the same week is a beautiful way to unite us as a global Army family and I thank you for the commitment you each give to this.

South America East Territory

Territorial Leaders: Colonels Philip and Sheila Davisson

Prayer Requests:

For increased visibility in the communities of each of our corps, centres and social orientation offices, so that, through relevant programmes, we can have an impact on the hearts of our neighbours.

For officers to have renewed strength and passion for evangelism and the opening of new outposts and corps.

For an awakening of our soldiers, young and old, to God's call to serve as Salvation Army officers or local officers.

For our children and youth who are the most vulnerable population at this time and are affected by abuse, loneliness, poverty, and lack of resources to help them succeed in a demanding and competitive society. May they find in the Saviour Jesus Christ and in our programmes a constant and faithful support.

For our work among families with the goal of helping them to become established as a solid base in the face of society's constant changes and confusing messages.

Here is a video taken from 2015 of the work of The Salvation Army in Argentina. At that time, The Salvation Army's United Kingdom and Ireland Territory was a partner in mission.

The San Francisco Kroc Center - Christmas Sweater - The Stories that Matter

We are forwarding the following communication received from the Golden State Divisional Commander regarding The San Francisco Kroc Center Red Kettle Campaign:

Last year, the San Francisco Kroc (located in the Tenderloin) started selling Christmas sweaters as a part of our Red Kettle Campaign. The vision was to tell the story of our collective narrative of the Red Kettle. The sweater was intentionally universally branded. We thought there would be some fun social media interaction and we would raise a little money. There were fun interactions and we did raise some money… but something even more magical happened. Our team in the Tenderloin got to hear stories of what God was doing all across the Army world. Last Christmas we looked up from the streets we love so much (that are in crisis) and were gifted with seeing God’s larger story. Every day we saw posts of people sharing about how they are serving and the hope God is providing. We got to celebrate with our extended family.

This year our offerings have expanded. Once again, we are selling our Red Kettle Sweater. If you like socks, we have Red Kettle socks to match. We are unveiling our Christmas 2023 limited edition Advent-themed sweater. Just like the Red Kettle sweater, our hope is that it is a conversation starter and that as you wear it, people come up to you and you have the opportunity to tell your story whether it is about the life-changing efforts of the Red Kettle or the incarnation of our loving Savior who moved into the neighborhood.

The proceeds from this fundraiser go to The San Francisco Kroc Center Red Kettle Campaign and are used to serve the vulnerable youth and families that call the Tenderloin their home. This is the fundraiser link:

We are currently taking pre-orders. Sweaters will start shipping the week of October 16th.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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