Major's Minute
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As you know, my husband and I just came back from a conference in Dallas, Texas. The theme for the week was "Better Together". It may seem like a simple theme, but it really has deep meaning and applicable in so many ways. In order to get this newsletter to you in a timely manner, let me basically summarize it in a few bullet points:

God, Himself, is Triune - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is our example of "together" - working in harmony, complimentary to one another. WE are better TOGETHER! We cannot be together when we are apart. Sometimes we let our own feelings or circumstances keep us from coming together. But we cannot afford to be separated from one another. We are stronger together.

I am writing this from a hotel in Santa Rosa as the Del Oro Brass and Chorus did a concert this evening at The Salvation Army's Senior Center and will be part of the worship service on Sunday morning. And as we practiced, played, and performed, this theme of "better together" kept resonating through my heart and mind.

Sure! A solo, monologue, or acapella piece can be beautiful. But there is a richness that comes from harmonies - and dissonances that resolve (or not) - or rather a full choir, band, orchestra, or cast. Everything just ... fits.

The choir conductor or band director helps to set the pace, style, and tone of a particular piece. He will be able to pick out the parts that are out of tune or behind in tempo. He will help to make all the parts blend. Our spiritual conductor in life - God, the Holy Spirit - does the same thing for us. Yes, we could probably manage a song without the conductor. Yet, it is not only better, but it is best with direction.

I thank God for each of you and know that you make my life richer with you in it. I hope that you will look for opportunities to find community with each other and with our Triune God.

God bless,

AnnMarguerite Jones