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Happy Father's Day!

This past weekend, senior soldiers and junior soldiers (church members) of the Concord Corps participated in the Commencement, Commissioning, Ordination, and Appointment Services for the outgoing Cadets/Lieutenants (ordained ministers) of the Reflectors of Holiness Session (class). They also participated in the Saturday night featured program. In between all of their rehearsals, they even participated in the Territorial Encore and did a fabulous job! We are so proud of them and all that they did for the glory of God!

Our youth received the following awards:

3rd Place: Praise Band

1st Place: Junior Band

1st Place: Youth Chorus

3rd Place: Piano Solo Level 2 - Rachelle Cuevas

2nd Place: Piano Solo Level 3 - Morgan Jones

2nd Place: Brass Solo Level 2 - Evan Jones

1st Place: Piano Solo Level 3 - Morgan Jones

1st Place: Guitar Solo Level 3 - Ryan Johnson

1st Place: Drum Set Solo Level 3 - Ryan Johnson

3rd Place: Vocal Solo Level 3 - Suzane Johnson

Those who were members of the territorial music sections had a pretty strict schedule to follow. This meant, the other half of us, had an opportunity to create our own schedule. I honestly was a little nervous being the sole driver of my van. Yet, the journey down and back was much easier with the help of the rest of the drivers in the caravan/convoy taking turns being the lead. The lead van set the pace and chose the route. The rest of us just followed. It gave me focus. And whenever the lead car was out of view, I would hurriedly and cautiously navigate myself through the traffic of cars until we were back behind or in line with the caravan.

And as the lead car, I was conscious that the others were following me. I wasn't always the best when it came to timing the lights. Sometimes I would go through and the others would be left behind. I would slow down waiting for them to catch up. I made sure to indicate much sooner than normal so that they would be aware of what I was going to do well in advance. Communication was key. We didn't have radios but we were able to stay in touch through our hands-free calling systems. Whenever we needed a pit stop to refuel, bio-break (I learned that phrase from Deb McKaigg!), or refreshment break, we pulled over together. It really was a lot of fun!

You know what I'm going to say ... traveling life together is always better. Be aware of who you are following. Be mindful of those whom you lead. What directions are you following? Do you recognize when you need a break?

I encourage you to get onto a Bible app and look up the words "follow," "together," and "rest." It's fascinating and enlightening to see what scripture references will come up.

God bless,

AnnMarguerite Jones