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All time will pass into Eternity and man must venture on a life unknown Journey alone, each to his own destiny In life or death amidst uncertainty, In the struggle of right against wrong, Somewhere amidst the confusion, There will be love, There will be peace, THERE WILL BE GOD — Joy Webb

Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” Psalm 46:10 NLT

Our world spins, often at a dizzying pace. Our news feeds are overflowing with turmoil, deadlines loom, and worries whisper in our ears. In this constant churn, a verse rings out like a beacon of calm: "Be still, and know that I am God".

These simple words hold profound wisdom. "Be still," it urges, not with the rigidity of a statue, but with the gentle release of breath and the quieting of our racing thoughts. It's an invitation to step off the hamster wheel of our anxieties and enter a sanctuary within.

But how do we truly "know" God in this stillness?

It's certainly not about forcing intellectual understanding, but it’s about opening our hearts to His presence.

It's in the hushed moments of prayer, the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, the quiet whispers of kindness we share with others that we discover knowledge of Him. It's in the realization that amidst the chaos, there is a constant anchor, a steady hand guiding us through the storm.

I encourage you to read all of Psalm 46 and consider its imagery. Mountains crumble, waters roar, kingdoms tremble, yet God remains a mighty refuge.

Just as the earth won't stop spinning because we pause, His presence doesn't fluctuate with our anxieties. He is the calm eye of the storm. He wants to be the unshakeable foundation beneath our ever-shifting lives.

Finding stillness doesn't mean ignoring our problems. It's about acknowledging them, then surrendering them to the One who holds the universe in His hands. It's about trusting that even when we don't have the answers, He does.

In that stillness, we may not find a solution to every problem, but we will find something far more valuable: peace. A peace that transcends circumstance and human understanding, a quiet confidence that whispers, "Even here, even now, God is with me."

And from that place of peace, we can face the world anew, our steps sure, our hearts firmly anchored in Him who promises, "Be still, and know that I am God."

"Knowing" God is a multifaceted concept, far richer than simply accumulating knowledge about Him. It's a journey of connection, an unfolding tapestry woven from various threads:

  1. Intellectual Understanding: • This involves studying scripture and theological teachings to grasp God's attributes, character, and actions. It's like reading a map, gaining a theoretical understanding of the landscape.

  2. Experiential Encounter: • This is about encountering God's presence in our lives, through moments of awe in nature, acts of kindness, answered prayers, or even in the midst of suffering. It's like stepping onto the map, feeling the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair.

  3. Relationship and Communion: • This is the heart of "knowing" God. It's about cultivating a personal connection with Him through prayer, worship, and living according to His principles. It's like building a house on the map, a place where you can be fully yourself and commune with the Divine.

  4. Transformation and Growth: • As we come to truly know God, He transforms us. His love shapes our character, His wisdom guides our choices, His grace softens our hearts. It's like the map itself changing, reflecting the journey we're taking with God.

Remember, "knowing" God is not a destination, but a continuous journey. It's about constantly deepening our understanding, embracing His presence, nurturing our relationship, and allowing Him to transform us.

Ultimately, "knowing" God is an invitation to live a life filled with wonder, meaning, and purpose. It's about stepping onto the map, embracing the adventure, and discovering the incredible depths of the Divine waiting to be explored.

In this New Year may your journey be filled with grace, light, and love.

Blessings on you and yours, Jim Black

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