Major's Minute
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Earlier this week, the Jones household had a small tragedy - the washing machine died!

After resetting the spin cycle 3 times, I was discouraged to come back to the tub refilling with water yet a fourth time!

This may sound like a small setback to some, but it is crucial to our family that we get a couple of loads of laundry each night in order to stay on top of everything. So, with the extended family coming over for Morgan's graduation, we had extra towels and linens to wash after their departure.

All to say, that the routine of washing clothes through the night ceased for a short period of time. It felt good, but at the time same, I knew this would only cause more pressure to get all the laundry done in a decent amount of time.

Gwyn saved the day by find a replacement washing machine - same model, cheaper price (yay!). After a marathon day of tending to the laundry, we are all caught up! (Just in time for a trip away this weekend and the kids going off to camp when we return. Whew!)

When I think back, there were signs that the matching was starting to go wrong. But between the overstuffed loads and the demanding scheduling, it succumbed to the strain. It was starting to make thumping sounds with the unbalanced loads. it would stick on the rinse cycle. It beeped incessantly that it was not happy!

I should've seen to its warnings much sooner. If I had done that, it probably would've been a cheaper repair instead of a whole replacement.

It made me think: How am I? How are you? Are you showing signs of wear or tear? Carrying a heavy load? Getting out of balance? Stuck in the same routine?

Take care of yourself. Seek assistance. Confess your sins to the Lord and to a confidante. Pray for clarity, strength, and endurance. Find new ways to use your gifts and skills.

Pray for the delegates traveling to Cerritos Performing Arts Center for the Territorial Encore Competition. But most importantly, pray for the soon-to-be commissioned and ordained Lieutenants and their families as they take up their first appointments. God be with them in the days ahead.

God bless,

AnnMarguerite Jones